How to Use Forex Signals

Before You Start...

Set Up Your Profile

Before you begin your signal experience we recommend finalizing your member profile. Completing your profile will help you and the community better find and engage with each other. Click on 'Settings' to find your profile settings. Updating your profile picture, type of trader and other short preferences is fast gives you the social advantage in ecosystem of Forex Signals.

Look Around

The Forex Signals system has been developed with simplicity in mind; we believe that all features should be no more than a click away ensuring smooth and fast navigation around the site. Our mission was to create a fast intuitive platform that never distracts from the reason you're here. We recommend you take a few short minutes to click around and familiarize yourself with the powerful but simple features on offer.

Basic Signaling

Trading Tools

Now let's get started. As every experienced trader know, trading tools form the basis of every trading strategy and trading day. We've integrated powerful tools inside ForexSignals to ensure everything you need is here, live and ready to support your activity throughout every trading session. Once logged in, you'll see 'Trading Tools' in the navigation bar. From here you can access our proprietary Economic Calendar and full Price Quote Charts. We've also included the major trading instrument quotes in the sidebar of every page.

Publish Signals

Now you ready to start Signaling, let's begin. Publishing a signal is simple; we've placed the tool on the homepage of the logged-in site to make it quick and convenient. Underneath the publish signals box we've also placed the live stream of all signals published by members in the community. Once you know what signal to publish, use the quick drop down boxes to select the action, instrument, Stop and Limit. Then check the signal before pressing the 'publish' button. You will instantly see your open signal appear in the stream below.

Basic Engagement


One of the key features of the Forex Signals service is the ability to find and follow traders. The process is fast and allows members to build a group of preferred traders to share experiences and trade with. Find traders using the search tool located in the top navigation bar or simply click the subscribe button included in every published signal. You can then view all followed traders either using the search filter on the homepage or inside your profile page.


One of the features we know you'll soon love is the Voting mechanism. The performance of all members is calculated using a combination of signal performance (based on real market data) and the votes (both up and down) made by fellow community members. The community thrives on sharing experiences and opinions on signals and we encourage all members to (responsibly) vote up or down where appropriate.

Advanced Engagement


Social services are powered by member communication, so at ForexSignals we've listed to our members to provide only the most necessary and useful communication tools. As streamlined as the system is, so the communications should follow.

  1. Signal Commenting. Every signal includes a 'comment' button to encourage a discussion on each specific position.
  2. Internal Messaging. Members are able to send direct and private messages to any trader their already following
  3. Chat Tools. We've integrated powerful chat features to provide the community with Private Instant Chat and Public Chat Rooms relevant to topic or trading instrument.

Social Tools

Now you can share your trading expertise with your extended connections. We invite you to use your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts to share your positions and discussions with your wider circles.
ForexSignals is free to join and its and your continued success is linked to the community growing and engaging. We recommend you share with your friends and followers to encourage more traders to enjoy the benefits of signal success.

Advanced Signaling

Trader Performance

We've created a unique algorithm to rank and rate Trader Performance. By calculating performance of signals based on live market data and integrating social performance within the system we're able to rate and rank in real-time. Trader performance can be viewed as a 'Reputation' score on his profile page. Trader rankings can be seen by visiting 'Top Traders' where we provide easy and clear tables of performance by popular filters.

Signals Performance

Signal Performance gives members a real-time measure of the effectiveness and potential profitability of a published signal. Once a signal has been closed the pip profit/loss can be calculated and then factored into the overall performance. Members profile pages show the cumulative number of signals published together with the most measureable facts (winning, losing, win ratio and total pips +/-). We believe in providing transparency as peace of mind, so we provide the detailed signal performance in those members you may decide to follow for real.

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