Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about ForexSignals compared to other signal providers?

We are the first and only Forex Signal Community. Other providers employ experts to research and post signals, users then pay fees for access. ForexSignals is an open platform where real traders post signals to the community which can then be shared, discussed, rated and implemented by other members

Where do the signals come from?

All signals in the system are provided by community members, ensuring our market independence. ForexSignals has created the dynamic platform whereby members can post, share and subscribe to the best signals available.

How do I find good signal providers?

We have provided a number of mechanisms whereby members can assess for themselves the likelihood of signal quality. Included is a 'Top Performers' chart where the most profitable signal providers are displayed, from here you can follow their signals as they post them.

What if I don't understand the signal?

By following a member (signal provider) you can use the community chat rooms or private messaging to make direct contact with the provider. You can also take part in the public conversation by commenting on an individual signal.

What if I disagree with the signal?

There is no obligation to act upon any signal. We encourage members to engage in open conversation at all times. You can use the comment system to voice your opinion on each and every signal. We have also included a rating system whereby members can vote up / vote down a signal.

I think a signal is great, what can I do with it?

Trade* If you decide a signal could be profitable for you then you can automatically implement it in your trading strategy by connecting your trading platform to ForexSignals. Remember, ForexSignals does not endorse or qualify the signals posted by members. Be sure to complete appropriate research before trading Forex.

*MT4Connect – Coming Soon

How can I post a signal?

At the top of the Signals page you will find a simple signal posting form. Simply enter the signal details and publish by choosing to buy or sell.

How many signals can I post?

Your account membership allows you to publish unlimited signals to the community.

How can I build up my ratings?

The more profitable your signals the higher your rating will be. We track in real time the market movements on every signal provided. Your ongoing signal profitability is the primary metric we use to rate your account.

How do I know the signals are real / good quality?

ForexSignals has been developed to be a self-sustaining, self-monitoring and self-accrediting signal eco-system. A provider who consistently posts poor quality signals will receive low ratings. This is the clearest indicator of the likelihood of a new signal being good or bad quality.

Is the service open 24x7?

ForexSignals is open every hour of every day. However the markets are open for trading 24x5.

Can I get the signals to my smartphone?

Yes, you can login to ForexSignals from any web enabled smartphone where all our features are available in real time and without loss of quality.

Do I need to have a Live Trading Account?

You do not need a live trading account to use ForexSignals, however without a live account you will not be able to profit from the signals provided.

Do you support Commodities as well as Forex?

Yes, the system has been developed to allow signal publishing of a wide range of tradable instruments.

Which Broker do you recommend?

ForexSignals is an independent service. We do not recommend one broker over another. We will occasionally communicate ads and promotions to our members from Brokers, however we are not responsible for the activities, promises or offers from brokers.

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