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Welcome to ForexSignals, the first true "Social Forex Signal Platform" conceived, developed and optimized by seasoned Forex Traders and Thought Leaders in the Industry. For the first time there now exists a trading signals community. Engagement, exchange and discussion of Forex trading strategies can now be leveraged to allow you to realize the opportunities claimed by brokers.

Broker Independent

ForexSignals is a broker independent service, meaning the fast growing community consists of global traders, trading on varying platforms and implementing a range of trading strategies. Member activity inside ForexSignals can be implemented by you at your own choice of broker.

Forex Community

Unlike other signal providers, our signals are generated, shared and rated by members. Signals can be quickly posted in the correct format to be understood by the system. Our unique technology then simulates every signal as if it were a live trade, giving you the most accurate and real-time insights.

Social Trading

By deeply integrating the social features you'd expect, enables you to find, follow and engage with other traders seamlessly in parallel with developing your trading strategy. Social transparency ensures validation and community approval on every provider and signal in the system. We believe the option to 'like' on its own is not enough, so we've empowered members with the tools to vote up and down on every signal. Now you can make your experience heard and copy trades with confidence and peace of mind.

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The missing element to profitable trading cycles is here. ForexSignals completes the toolbox every trader needs to beat the market. Take us for a test drive today!

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